We visit the Homo Ludens exhibition at Caixaforum Girona

The Artilogics Team attended the opening of the exhibition "Man playing. Video games to understand the present" at the Caixaforum in Girona.

The Artilogics Team attended the opening of the exhibition “Man playing. Video games to understand the present” at the Caixaforum in Girona. This new exhibition offers a unique anthropological insight into the game and how it has manifested itself in its most widespread contemporary form: video games. Through six themed rooms, the exhibition underlines the deep interconnection between video games and our society today, showing them as more than a simple form of entertainment. It is an opportunity to explore how these cultural phenomena, aesthetic and artistic shape and influence many aspects of our daily lives.

If you are a video game enthusiast, you can't miss the exhibition “Man playing” at the Caixaforum in Girona. It offers you a unique view of the world of video games, from its foundations to its influence on our culture.

If you are interested in creating your own video games, the workshop “The Mechanical Inspiration” with the game designer Susana Medina is an unparalleled opportunity. It will provide you with the theoretical and practical foundations of video game design. Don't forget to explore the exhibition, as it will give you a complete perspective on the mechanics and influences of the industry, which can be of inspiration for your own projects.

The tour begins with a fascinating exploration of game mechanics that are common to all video games. This room reminds us how, across eras and platforms, certain elements have endured, connecting us to a playful tradition that crosses generations. It's a look at the heart of the game, a burst of inspiration for gamers and an open window for the uninitiated.

The exhibition unravels the complexity of the video game industry in the second room. Here, we discover how this dynamic and evolving world continues to influence the way we work, consume and even love. Their influences go far beyond the screens and blend into our everyday lives in surprising ways.

In the last space, the exhibition approaches the video game as a form of artistic expression. It challenges preconceived notions about what constitutes art, highlighting how the video game transcends traditional genres and formats to become a platform for limitless creativity. Here the video game is revealed as a medium that gives voice to artists and creators from all over the world.

In addition to the impressive displays, the exhibition “Man playing” will offer a series of activities in which visitors can participate:


Data: Thursday, 16 of November of 2023
Details: A panel discussion with Jen Herranz and Loulogio, influencers with an extensive background in video game commentary and analysis, who will share their unique experiences and perspectives.
Taller: The Mechanical Inspiration – The Secrets of Good Playable Design


Data: Thursday, 14 of December of 2023
Details: Taught by game designer Susana Medina, this workshop offers a theoretical and practical team part to explore the fundamentals of video game design.
Taller: The Narrative Design of Video Games


Data: Thursday, 18 of January of 2024
Details: Directed by narrative designer José Planells de la Maza, this workshop combines a theoretical and practical part for teams to deepen the design of narratives and fiction in video games.