We visit the second GameGI Demo Day

This Thursday 11 of April of 2024 we attended the second Demo Day of the GameGi incubation program and it was an opportunity to remember our time there a year ago. This event was held in the cultural space The Modern, located in the heart of Girona, and organized in collaboration with the Cinema Truffaut.

With an exhibition space dedicated exclusively to the trial and testing of video games, visitors had the opportunity to immerse themselves in new interactive experiences and discover the emerging talent of the video game industry in Girona. With the game proposals of Mean Mink, Adhuc i Player to player, the event was a vibrant display of the projects that have been developed throughout these months.

Introducing Mean Mink's Wild Rumble Project

A notable feature of this Demo Day is the common origin of some of the projects presented, since all of them have in the team some former students of the CIFOG school, a Girona institution dedicated to image and sound training courses. These creative minds, who took the 3D animation cycle, games and interactive environments, now they are putting their knowledge into practice in the real world of video games, enriching the local community with their passion and talent.

One of the noteworthy parts of the event was also the talk entitled “From goblins to dragons: Challenges and learnings in video game entrepreneurship”, presented by Alex Risco. Through his personal experiences, Risco offered a unique insight into the challenges and lessons learned along the way of video game development. As a video game designer specializing in the Free-to-Play business model, i com a cofundador i Game Lead d’Evil Zeppelin, an indie studio focused on developing RPG video games, Risco brings with him a background of profoundly valuable knowledge.

talk titled “From Goblins to Dragons: Challenges and learnings in video game entrepreneurship", presented by Aleix Risco

The GameGi Demo Day has not only been a celebration of local talent and creativity, but also a look towards the future of the video games industry in Girona. With the participation of figures such as Marisol Lopez, in Joan Francesc Bañó o l’Oscar Sahun, the promotion of emerging studies and collaboration with Girona City Council, this event has further cemented the city's reputation as a hub of innovation and excellence in the world of video games.

For us, It was especially emotional to participate in this Demo Day, since a year before we were the first team incubated in the GameGi. Reuniting with some of the mentors and colleagues from the industry was a great experience and a testimony to the growth and constant evolution of the video game development ecosystem in Girona.