Tenebris Amicus

Light is your ally

Help the wizard Lumos navigate the darkness to retrieve his spellbook. Darkness is your ally.

GDD and Game Information

Light illuminates the way, but the dense darkness does not let us see the dangers it hides. Help the wizard Lumos find the lost pages of his magic book in this adventure of exploration and danger.

Description of the video game

The wizard Lumos has lost his spellbook. Without it, he only remembers the magic of making light with the wand. Luckily it's all he needs to find the pages scattered around Argicilia's tower and recover his spells.
Help him get through the various levels of this puzzle-filled adventure that will make you practice your memory, patience and persistence.

Sales pitch

Entertaining game, replayable that coordination works, the memory, patience and exploration. Expandable levels, with a defined difficulty curve as the story progresses. Each time the challenges will be more complicated, new mechanisms and new skills are introduced.

  • Game mechanics very simple to grasp and very versatile.
  • Retro pixel aesthetics with good animations and visual details.
  • Achievable within one year of production with the current equipment.

Game Engine

Tenebris Amicus is programmed with Game Maker Studio for its ease of initial learning when working with junior artists and applicants. The platform is very versatile when it comes to exporting to Microsoft Windows, macOS i Ubuntu.

Dark friend screenshot
Dark friend screenshot

Game Genre

  • Puzzle
  • Plataformes top down
  • PC i consoles


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  • Gameplay
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  • PC
  • Apple, i Ubuntu to the future