About us

Indie studio based in the city of Girona, specializing in creating pixel-style video games with interesting mechanics and a retro aesthetic.



John Revell

Co-Founder / Designer

Eduard Anglada

Eduard Anglada

CO-FOUNDER / Lead Artist

Michael Murray


Laura Grau


Paula Valera

Paula Valera



Everything is possible if we put ourselves to it and try



We transform imagination into digital reality, forging interactive worlds that inspire, they excite and connect players around the world. With every game we create, we seek to capture the essence of adventure and fun, offering unique experiences that transcend the limits of the possible.



We want to be a driving force in the video games industry in Girona, leading the way to a future where creativity is the central axis of every gaming experience.



Creativity and Innovation: We push the boundaries of creativity and innovation to create innovative and unforgettable gaming experiences.
Passion for Players: We put players at the center of everything we do, always seeking to understand their needs and desires to offer them the best possible experiences.
Collaboration and Respect: We value the diversity of ideas and perspectives, fostering a collaborative work environment where everyone is respected and listened to.
Quality and Excellence: We always strive for perfection in all aspects of game development, from the gameplay to the graphic and sound quality.
Responsibility and Transparency: We act with integrity and transparency in all our interactions, taking responsibility for our products and decisions.

Let's talk?

If you have a proposal or want to contact us, you can send us a message by the following form and you can also find us at +34 872 09 59 52.