Develop video games in Girona + Demo Day GameGi

The past 13 of April of 2023, the GameGi Demo Day was held in Girona, the long-awaited gathering of professional video game developers, with great success and a large crowd. Apart from the official presentation of Dual Reality, the event, brought together a wide variety of talent from the video game industry to share knowledge, present their projects and promote collaboration.

The members d’Artilogics we presented our project which captured the attention of all attendees. They told us that our video games didn't just stand out for their gameplay and graphics, but we also offer new interactive and original gaming experiences.

Kinniku Studios, the other team of developers from the Girona Incubator, also presented its exciting TankTop project at this meeting. With a combination of creativity and technical skills, Kinniku Studios demonstrated his talent for creating video games with unique and interesting themes. Attendees of the meeting were able to enjoy an exhibition space where they could test the video games developed by Artilogics and Kinniku Studios, and were impressed by the quality and originality of their projects.

The meeting also included a round table with prominent speakers from the video game industry. Sergio Garcia, CEO of Petoons Studio, shared his experience and knowledge about video game development. Carlos Coronado, recognized independent developer, talked about the challenges and opportunities of working as an independent developer in today's video game industry. Jordi Rovira, representative d’Epic Games, offered an insight into the latest trends and technologies in the industry. Finally, Julia Bozzino, winner of the KREAS scholarship, shared her personal experience as a young video game developer.

To sum up, the Meeting of Professional Video Game Developers of Girona, with the special focus on Artilogics, was an outstanding event in the video game industry. It brought together up-and-coming talents and industry veterans, and provided a platform to showcase innovative projects and encourage collaboration. With the success of this meeting, it is clear that Girona continues to be a pole of attraction for the creation of video games and for the growth of the developer community in the region.

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